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Why We Love Being a Long Term Care Facility

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Montecito is a step above the rest. We love what we do, knowing we can make a difference in the lives of older generations by helping them transition into a long term care facility. Being there for them each step of the way makes what we do worth it. 

We know making the decision to move a loved one into long term care is always tough on families. Here at Montecito, we look to make that transition easier. 

We are not like most long term facilities in that we offer a resort-style retirement community complete with amenities such as a spa, putting green, a lounge, fitness center, and walking paths. Our residents are free to enjoy an active lifestyle with a loving, caring and supportive staff available as needed. 

In addition to our state-of-the-art facilities, our staff loves what we do. We love the relationship we build with our residents. The bond we build with each other is unique and creates more of a family environment and as such, it makes work enjoyable and hard to leave at the end of a shift. 

We also love learning from our residents. Working and playing with them gives us a unique perspective on aging. The stories our residents tell and the experiences they share take us into their lives and help us learn more about them. Each person has their own distinct past evoking wisdom and appreciation in each of us. Needless to say, the wisdom we gain and the lessons we learn from our residents are priceless. 

Having a job we love is not only important to us as a staff but to our residents. Seeing the residents' smiles when you come in each day, and knowing they appreciate you is a great feeling, one that you don’t get from most jobs. While we gain a lot from our residents, we love being able to make a difference in our residents lives by serving and giving back to the older generation. 

At the same time, we know that not all days are great and there will be some rough days. However, sitting and sharing stories, seeing our residents smile, and creating that special bond makes the rough days all worth it. At the end of the day, our long term care facility staff will be the first to tell you, we love our jobs and we love our residents.

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