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When is the Best Time to Move to an Assisted Living Facility

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As an adult child of an elderly parent who is having some struggles with daily life in and around the home, you may be wondering if it is time to move your senior loved one to an assisted living facility.

Of course, this situation can make you feel conflicted too—while there may be signs that your 85-year-old mom is having definite issues, she may also have days where she is functioning really well.

Although there is not a definite “Magic 8 Ball” approach to this topic, there are definitely a number of pretty clear signs that indicate that your elderly loved one should move to an assisted living facility, sooner rather than later.

With this in mind, please consider the following four signs:

Sign one: Confusion and Mistakes

If your mom mentions that she routinely forgets to eat lunch or dinner, or your elderly dad comments that he goofed on his medications and accidentally doubled up on a dose, these are clear indications that it’s time to act. Fortunately, most cities have a number of options for your beloved relative; for instance, if you are looking for high quality assisted living Phoenix AZ and Los Angeles CA to Charleston SC and every place in between should all have plenty of places that would welcome your loved one.

Sign two: Taking Awhile to Recover from Health Issues

The last time your mom caught a head cold, did she recover pretty quickly and was she willing to see her doctor, or did she ignore her symptoms, refuse medical care and end up with bronchitis? In addition, if your dad has a chronic health issue, is he maintaining it pretty well or has it gotten more serious? If one or both answers are “they got a lot worse,” it can be a clear indication that your elderly loved ones need the help and monitoring that assisted living can offer.

Sign three: Unwanted Weight Loss

After being a hale and hearty man for decades, your elderly pop’s pants are starting to hang from his frame, and he mentioned that he had to add a few notches to his belt. This can be a sign that he is having trouble cooking, remembering to eat, and/or getting out for groceries—all of which can lead to unneeded weight loss. When you visit your dad, ask if you can help yourself to a beverage and check out the fridge—if the shelves are virtually empty or you find moldy leftovers, it can be a sign that he is not getting enough to eat and/or has lost the ability to determine which foods are still healthy and safe.

Sign four: Help Required to Shave and Shampoo

When you visit with your elderly loved ones, casually check out their hair, clothing and, depending on their gender, their makeup and stubble on their face. If your mom has always been a fashion plate and is suddenly wearing a baggy stained sweatshirt, she may be having issues with doing laundry, maneuvering buttons or zippers and using an iron. As you hug your elderly uncle who was known for his great aftershaves, sniff the air to see if he smells clean and his face looks scraggly—he may be forgetting to bathe regularly, may be having issues getting in and out of the tub and/or finding it hard to handle a razor.

While there can definitely be other signs that indicate your loved one is probably ready for an assisted living facility, these four are a good place to start with the assessment process.

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