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What is Long Term Care?

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Throughout life, it is important to have a plan to take care of your family and yourself. As an infant, your family likely had a team of loved ones and professionals to offer advice and help care for you. This pattern of needs and support never leaves our lives. Despite this, many of those aging find they do not have the tools they need to carry out daily activities or support with medical treatments. To change this, many are seeking information to help build a plan to support their vision for the later chapters of their lives. Long term care facilities are an integral part of that plan and come in many different varieties. The following paragraphs will serve to cover how most of these facilities are structured and some of the resources they offer.

Home Care

In this type of care, the facility is the private residence. For many, this is the ideal setting as it is the most personalized. Home care can include many types of services ranging from help with activities like laundry and cooking to skilled medical care from licensed professionals. A large barrier to this care is cost. A part-time medical aid can cost upwards of $30,000 a year, and this is often not covered by insurance, even Medicare. In order to qualify for insurance, a medical need must be present, and the difficulty of care must be manageable under a home setting.

Assisted Living

This variety of care is an increasingly popular choice and seems for many to offer the best of both worlds. Assisted living communities usually appear in the form of a home in a designated neighborhood or an apartment in a larger building. This selection offers more support, especially for those with increased needs in the areas of transportation, medical care, and nutrition. In addition, those living in this type of facility can often expect 24-hour support, increasing safety in the event of an emergency. This selection faces the same challenge for costs as home care, and Medicare will typically only cover qualifying medical services needed.

Skilled Nursing Facility

The final category available is the most traditional setting for long-term care. This type offers 24-hour medical support and assists residents with all activities of daily living. The setting is often private or semi-private rooms, as part of a larger facility. This type of care offers many advantages, especially for those who have more complex needs. These advantages range from memory care and supervision to rehabilitation and hospice care. This type of establishment can be either private or government managed. Cost of care and insurance eligibility will depend largely on qualifying medical need as well as financial status. This type of facility offers the widest resources and maximum level of care but is often the highest priced.

Not every option will fit every person, but with careful planning, long term care facilities can be an asset. It will be up to the individual to decide what is right for his plan.

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