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What is Assisted Living Apartment Life Like?

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Whether you are contemplating a move to an assisted living apartment or one of your loved ones is pondering trying out assisted living, you understandably have some questions about what the experience is like.

Fortunately, if you are in the Land of Enchantment and looking for assisted living in Santa Fe NM offers a wide number of choices for you or your relatives. As the following examples show, you’ll find that in most cases, assisted living apartments place a strong emphasis on independent living and staying active.

Activities and Amenities Abound

As A Place for Mom notes (1), in general, assisted living apartments have changed for the better in recent years. Most states have regulations in place to ensure these facilities are clean and safe and staffed by well-trained people. Today, luxury and resort-style living are becoming more standard, and many assisted living facilities offer a number of amenities including housekeeping and laundry services, gardening clubs and book groups, physical and occupational therapy, water aerobics, outings to the theater and other places and transportation services.

What a Day in Assisted Living Might Look Like

While the best assisted living facilities understand that each resident is different and will have varying schedules and needs, there are some common denominators that are found in most days. For instance, although there is 24-hour supervision in assisted living apartments, residents’ lives are not controlled or regimented by the staff. In the morning, residents can wake up when they wish. They may see a nurse or other care person who stops by to ensure that any morning medications or supplements are taken on schedule. These doses are monitored very closely to be sure they are managed and dispensed correctly. Depending on how much assistance is needed, the care person may assist with bathing, dressing or moving you or your loved one to another location during this time. This assistance can continue during the day, depending on how much care is needed by the resident. As for meals, while most assisted living communities do have set times for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can choose when you wish to dine during these hours. If you are busy and miss a meal, many facilities have cafes and many apartments have kitchenettes that allow you to keep snacks and other foods on hand.

Activities Continue Throughout the Day

In between meal times, most assisted living communities will offer scheduled social activities—for instance, the aforementioned trip to the theater. However, should you or your loved one care to stay put, you can certainly do that as well. You may enjoy reading or working on a hobby in your apartment, or taking advantage of the on-site fitness center or visiting with relatives in the courtyard. Once a week, your apartment will be cleaned during the daytime, and your laundry is also done during the morning or afternoon. At night, there may be an evening activity planned, but in most cases, things will settle down early. Many residents enjoy watching TV in their apartment either alone or with friends, catching up on emails and phoning friends and relatives. If you need assistance to get into bed, a care associate will help you, and there should always be a call button nearby in case you need help during the night.

Stay in the know! Check out the New Mexico state regulations around assisted living here.

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