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What Do I Need to Know About Long-Term Care?

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Are you searching for a long-term care facility for your loved one? Before setting out to explore the options available, you need to assess your senior loved one’s health condition. Does your parent require medical assistance at all times or are you looking for assisted living that will help your loved one with the daily chores such as dressing and bathing? 

When a person can no longer carry out everyday activities, long-term care works as the best option. To choose the right long-term care for your loved one, you need to be sure on the type of assistance he/she may require in daily life. This will help you decide which facility to choose and how to finance the move.

Following are a few things you need to know about long-term care before admitting your senior family member in one:

Long-Term Care Covers Activities of Daily Living

ADLs, also known as “activities of daily living” involve chores such as bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, laundry, visits to doctor appointments, are more. Here, the senior citizen is provided help with everything, so that there’s no burden on their shoulders.

Long-Term Care Does Not Take In People Who Require 24/7 Medical Attention

Let’s assume that your loved one requires medical attention 24/7 because he or she has Alzheimer’s. Since long-term care is all about providing old people with independence, this facility will not cater to such patients. For this, you need to look into a memory care facility.

Medicare Does Not Cover Long-Term Care

Most people are confused about the finance option when it comes to paying for long-term care. Here’s how Medicare and Medicaid work for LTC:

Medicare is not for long-term care payment. However, in some circumstances where monitored living is required for a short term, it may be available.

Long-Term Care Options Are Limited

When it comes to moving into a long-term care facility over an extended period of time, the three options that are available to them include nursing homes, home health aides and assisted living.

The living quarters available under long-term care are either private apartments or fully equipped homes. However, these options are mostly available under assisted living. Nursing homes tend to be more affordable because here, people can also book shared quarters. In all of the long-term care options, the senior citizens are provided with facilities that aim at improving health as well as helping them become a part of a community and build strong relationships.

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