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Why We Need Assisted Living Facilities

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There are many reasons why we need assisted living facilities like the Montecito in our communities. As baby boomers live longer and want to maintain some level of independence, assisted living communities provide a great option.

Assisted living facilities offer myriad services for those who are elderly or disabled but are still mobile and able to mostly take care of themselves. 

Here are some of the reasons why we need assisted living facilities:

A Social Outlet for Seniors

Feelings of loneliness and social isolation is not uncommon among seniors and the disabled. Assisted living facilities provide many engaging social activities for residents. Activities can include games, crafts, entertainment, trips and more. 

Having a social outlet among peers helps with feelings of loneliness and helps improve overall quality of life.

Seniors Get to Maintain Independence

Seniors, in particular, may have a tough transition moving from a home they may have occupied for many years. The more structured environment may be challenging to adjust to. However, assisted living facilities have a more home-like setting than a nursing home. This setting may help seniors adjust better as they are able to maintain some level of independence. 

Families and residents can choose what services are needed, while residents are still able to do some things on their own. Services like nursing, meal preparation, housekeeping, and laundry help relieve some of the burdens of typical day-to-day chores.

Support for Families with Loved Ones in Assisted Living

There is also a need for assisted living facilities in our communities as they help family caregivers who are busy with their own families and careers. While seniors are living longer, their children and families lead busy lives--assisted living provides an intermediary that can provide the care and environment that family members may not be able to due to competing priorities.

Nutritious Meals and Healthy Exercise Options for Seniors

The food at assisted living facilities if often prepared for optimal nutrition based on the dietary needs of its residents. Nutritious meals are coupled with planned physical activities that aid in overall physical and emotional health. The Montecito assisted living facility has exercise classes that may include yoga and dancing!

Medical Care for Assisted Living Residents

Assisted living facilities are designed and operate to serve the medical needs of residents. The Montecito is staffed with appropriate medical personnel who administer medicine, aid in personal care, and address other health care needs. Also, facilities are set up to respond to medical emergencies quickly.

There are many benefits to having assisted living facilities in our communities. They provide structure and a supportive environment for seniors and the disabled and help families who may not be able to provide proper care to their loved ones. Also, they provide social and physical activities, handle day-to-day household and medical needs.

We understand, transitioning into an assisted living facility is challenging for everyone involved. Here are some tips to help ease the move, or if your loved one is refusing to move, this blog is for you

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