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The Best Places for Seniors

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Senior citizens have a lot to consider when it comes to finding a home. They may be inclined to stay in their home because they are afraid of change. The reality, however, is that there are excellent environments for seniors, like the Montecito, that have abundant activities.


When a person gets to an age where they may no longer have a spouse or a caregiver to come to the home they may need to adapt to an independent senior living environment.

Seniors looking into independent living communities should seek an environment that has a lot of activities. Things that encourage interaction are best. Shuffleboard my be cliche, but it is low impact, fun and social.

The best facilities are those that have a plethora of things scheduled during the month. All seniors are not going to gravitate towards the same things. Some may be extroverts that like these social gatherings where they can talk to a lot of people. Others may be more introverted and there gathering maybe much more palatable with a movie night. It is all about having a different mix of things that seniors can enjoy based on their personality.

The Montecito offers a huge number of senior-friendly activities every month, including arts and crafts, music performances, field trips, and exercise classes. (link to calendar)

Meal Plans

Think about if you (or your aging parent) will be cooking or will need regular meal service. Some seniors are still in a stage where they cook for themselves. They make their own meals and they like this type of independence. At the other end of the scope, there are seniors that may not be quite as active. They may cook occasionally, but they may have a desire to get a meal plan that allows them to get meals served when they are too tired to do it themselves.

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