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The Best Parts about Living in Santa Fe

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Santa Fe is the second-oldest city of America and the “oldest and highest capital city” of the United States. It was founded back in 1610. It is located at the foundation of the Rocky Mountains in north-central New Mexico and this city has 4 seasons. This is the reason why it is the best place for those that find pleasure in outdoor activities. 

While it offers many outdoor experiences, Santa Fe is rich in history, culture, food, and much more. The residents of this city have the opportunity to experience some of the greatest things in the country. In this case, here are the best parts about living in Santa Fe.

Santa Fe Railyard

It has almost been 7 years since Railyard has reopened. A 50-acre area residential, social, and commercial district has become the most popular destination for tourists and residents. This location has many restaurants, antique stores, art galleries, and the yearlong Santa Fe Farmer’s Market that has become the biggest farmer’s market of New Mexico.

Guadalupe District

This district is right next to the Railyard and it is the oldest neighborhood of Santa Fe. Whether you want to go shopping or art gallery hopping, this district has it all! The most popular attraction is the Santuario de Guadalupe (this was a historic church that has been turned into a history and art museum) that features the famous oil painting called Our Lady of Guadalupe by Jose de Alzibar.

Santa Fe Opera

Opera fans get attracted to the Santa Fe Opera, which is why it has become one of the premier summer opera festivals of America. The performances are done in the Crosby Theatre (“state-of-the-art, open-air theater) and the Prelude Talks (these are done before the performances) are done in the Stieren Orchestra Hall.  

Santa Fe University of Art and Design

The upcoming generation is coming to Santa Fe to become creative individuals by attending the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. Although it is located 4 miles away from downtown, this university has many degree programs that include graphic design, contemporary music, photography, arts management, creative writing, and film, making it a popular choice.


This restaurant is a fine-dine place in Santa Fe. Geronimo is located in near the Borrego House, built by Geronimo Lopez in 1756. The menu of this restaurant changes according to the season, the favorite dish is the mesquite-grilled Maine lobster tails and the telicherry rubbed elk tenderloin.

Santa Fe National Forest

The Santa Fe National Forest is another thing that makes Santa Fe so great. This forest is full of spruce, aspen, ponderosa, and fir trees that are spread vastly across the forest until the Santa Fe Ski Basin. There are parks, picnic spots, and campgrounds for people that want to experience true wildlife!

For those that enjoy history, culture, and great food, Santa Fe is the hub of it all. All the points mentioned are what make Santa Fe, and living in this city is that much more great.

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