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Seniors Are Choosing Independent Living Over Everything Else

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With more options for elderly care available, more and more seniors are choosing to take advantage of independent living for as long as they can. This type of community allows seniors to maintain their independence while still having easy access to any necessary medical care. 

Compared to Assisted Living

Assisted living is a fairly common option for the elderly, but there are some key differences to other types of senior living. The former is designed for those who can still mostly care for themselves and maintain their independence while those in assisted living need a higher level of care. Assisted living facilities still tend to give residents privacy, but with a higher level of care. 

It Allows for Senior Care with Some Independence

Opting for an arrangement that is more independent gives seniors the ability to maintain some control of their lives while still giving their families peace of mind. Independent living also makes this transition easier by offering spaces that are like home. 

Instead of having to be in a tiny room, independent living offers apartments, condos, or even homes. Seniors feel as if they are just downsizing but still have their own house. It just so happens that all of their neighbors are now in the same age range. 

It Even Prolongs the Independence

In fact, the transition to one of these independent facilities can extend the length of time that a senior is able to be fully independent. Without a need to waste energy on those actions, there is less risk of injury and more energy for other activities. 

It Provides Convenience

One of the biggest factors is the high level of convenience. They still get to remain independent with their own space that includes bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. At the same time, they have everything they need within a quick walk. From small stores to pools to social activities to meals, everything is very close. 

It Offers Social Opportunities

Social opportunities help keep seniors occupied. Residents can participate as much or as little as they want, striking the perfect balance and preventing loneliness. 

Transitioning to Higher Care Is Simple

In nearly every case, the facilities with independent housing for seniors either have their own facilities for assisted living or work with a center that does. This makes the transition to that assisted living easier if a chronic health condition or serious complication arises. Simply put, living independently in a facility tends to provide the option of a sliding scale of elderly care, easily increasing the care when necessary.

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