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Memory Care Info: Are Alzheimer’s and Dementia the Same Thing?

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Alzheimer’s disease and dementia impact nearly 1 in 9 people age 65 and over within the United States. These two conditions are often associated with mental health problems for elderly people. However, they are not mental health illnesses. So, what are Alzheimer’s disease and dementia? Are they the same thing? Keep reading to discover the answers to these very important questions.

An Explanation of Dementia

Dementia is the name of a group of disorders that impact the human brain. This disorder impacts certain parts of your brain that controls your ability to think clearly, to remember information and to make decisions. This disorder also impacts a person’s emotions. Dementia symptoms are closely related to mental health illnesses but they are not the same thing.

A person’s ability to communicate is seriously hampered by dementia. This brain disorder also makes it hard for people to talk correctly. A person’s ability to reason and to exercise good judgment is also affected by dementia. Their visual perception is also degraded by this disorder. Memory care is very important for people who develop this condition.

Alzheimer’s Disease Explained in Simple Terms

Alzheimer’s disease is a common disorder of dementia. This disease falls under the umbrella of dimension. Up to 80% of all people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease has been diagnosed with dementia. Alzheimer’s disease is degenerative. This means that it slowly kills brain cells. People suffering from this ailment also experience memory loss. This disease causes people to forget things, aggression, confusion and mood swings. People must practice good memory care to keep from developing this condition.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia are Related

Alzheimer’s disease is a subset of dementia. The primary thing that defines Alzheimer’s is its ability to kill brain cells. This disease will continuously deplete a person’s mind to the point where they can no longer function. Dementia does not have this impact on a person.

More Important Information on Alzheimer's and Dementia

No one can cure dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. These conditions are not a normal part of the aging process. Dementia happens when a person’s brain has damaged connections to nerve cells. The connections could be attached to different areas of a person’s brain. This is one reason why people often behave differently when they have this condition. Other factors leading to dementia include infections, vascular diseases, stroke, depression and/or chronic drug use. Also, the parts of the brain negatively impacted by this condition will vary by person.

Alzheimer’s disease is often caused by genetic and lifestyle factors. Environmental conditions can contribute to the onset of Alzheimer’s as well. The way a person lives, eats, socializes and uses their mind impacts the possibility of Alzheimer’s forming later in life. Memory care is important to prevent these conditions from happening. Once again, these two conditions are not the same but Alzheimer’s is one of many conditions that stem from dementia

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