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How to Make Memory Care and Dementia Patients Have the Highest Quality of Life

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Alzheimer's, dementia, and other cognitive disorders are often responsible for a massive reduction in a patient's overall quality of life. While impaired memory may be little more than a nuisance during the initial onset of dementia and similar diseases, patients may soon find themselves unable to navigate their environment safely or to complete even the most basic tasks without assistance once their condition has progressed. Having to watch a family member struggle with dementia or Alzheimer's can be heartbreaking experience but there are still ways to ensure your loved one is able to enjoy the greatest quality of life possible.

Providing Adequate Assistance

Both the time and effort needed to provide assistance for a loved one can often be in short supply. While those who suffering from a cognitive disorder that is still in its early stages may require little more than an occasional reminder in order to make it through the day, more and more assistance must be provided as their conditions worsens. It is very common for families to find that they are simply unable to make the time needed to assist their loved ones, an issues which may lead to a significant drop in quality of life.

Supervised Environments and Activities

Those who suffer from traumatic head injuries, dementia, or other conditions which may impact memory and cognitive ability may be unable to navigate their surroundings safely and effectively. Once the disease has progressed far enough, Alzheimer's patients who are left on their own will have a much higher risk of getting lost, disorientated or injuring themselves due to their confusion. Losing track of a patient who may be unable to care for themselves can have life-threatening consequences and even a seemingly minor fall or other type of avoidable injury may have a lasting impact.

Help With Everyday Tasks

Patients who suffer from dementia that has advanced to the point where they may no longer be able to dress or feed themselves require total care. While assistance with everyday living can do much to improve the level of comfort these individuals will be able to enjoy, there are few households that possess the time and experience required in order to properly care for their loved one. Having to relocate a loved one can be a difficult decision, but moving a loved one to a memory care facility is often the only way that to preserve their quality of life.

Relocating a Loved One to a Memory Care Facilities

Dealing with dementia and Alzheimer's is often a very difficult struggle for both patients and family members alike. Lacking the resources needed to give your loved one the best quality of life possible can be stressful and heartbreaking. Choosing to move your family member into a dedicated care facility can often provide them with a safer environment, greater comfort and the best quality of life possible. At Montecito, we have the resources and solutions needed to assist you and your loved one and we remain committed to treated your family like our family.

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