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How Pets Can Help Seniors Live Longer

September 06, 2019 0):?> in: Senior Health Uncategorized

As we get older, it can be increasingly hard to fight the feeling of loneliness. Companions and relatives move away, lose touch or pass on, and staying active and social can be very difficult at this age. 

One way to help fill this void while also improving your health is to adopt a pet. Studies have shown that having an animal companion in the later years of life can reduce stress and depression, lower blood pressure, keep you active and pets can help seniors live longer. Here are some ways a senior could benefit from adopting a pet:

Helps Avoid Social Isolation 

In the later years of life, you find yourself not spending much time outside of the house. This can get pretty lonely if you don't have any friends or family living nearby. It's been proven that (1) being isolated can affect your health by raising your risk of heart disease by 29%. 

Having a little furry friend to hang out with all day will help keep your spirits up. Not to mention that you'll be forced to leave the house with them, leading to more opportunities to meet new people and create new connections. 

Keeps Seniors Active 

People aged 65 and older should get around 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week. 

For many of us, not just seniors, it can be incredibly hard to find the motivation required to get active daily, this is why having a pet will keep you active. Especially if you get a dog, they will require you to walk and play with them daily if they're going to stay healthy. 

Helps Seniors Stick To A Routine 

Humans are creatures of habit, and so are our pets. Feeding, walking, and grooming are all things we have to incorporate into our lives once we decide to adopt a pet. Creating a daily routine will be necessary, and it can be very beneficial to keep a routine after you retire. Without a routine or a job, it can be very easy to start feeling like you've lost your sense of worth, so adopting a pet companion can help lessen these negative feelings. 

Improves Overall Health 

Aside from being great partners for seniors, adding a pet to your family will cause many overall health benefits for any age group. These benefits include reduced stress, reduced depression, lowered cholesterol, eases pain, prevents strokes and helps children develop. Pets are also known to naturally improve your mood keeping you light and happy during your retirement days, which is another way pets can help seniors live longer.


If you're a senior who feels isolated from others or just want something to put a smile on your face every day, owning a pet could be one of the best decisions you've ever made. You'll feel less lonely, you'll get the required amount of exercise and your mood will be improved. Not to mention you'll be improving their lives too, by giving your pet all the love and happiness they deserve.



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