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Top 5 Safety Hazards in Assisted Living Facilities

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One of the biggest reasons why families consider assisted living facility is the lack of safety in their own homes. They believe their aging family members will be better off with the safety provided in assisted living facilities.

We want to share some safety hazards to be on the lookout for when you’re shopping for any type of assisted living:

1. No Alert System

It’s common for modern assisted living facilities to feature a safety alert system. However, not all in-care homes have an alarm system.

Why is it important? Well, an alert system enables the residents to immediately call a nurse in case of an emergency.

An emergency pull string or a siren should be by every bedside and in every bathroom. Alert systems will ensure the residence get immediate care if they’re able to pull the string.  

2. Lack of Medication Administration Safety

An assisted living facility must ensure they provide top methods for the administration of medication. Staff must keep track of each individual, in great detail so they do not overdose or forget to take a pill.

Before you place your loved one in an assisted living facility, it is essential to ask them about their medication administration procedure.

3. Poor Lighting System

Be on the lookout for poor lighting systems. This increases the risk of falling and then getting injuries.

Low lighting may obscure seniors’ eyesight and they may not be able to notice obstacles around them. If you come across this safety hazard in a care home, discuss this matter with the manager directly.

4. Lack of Handrails in Bathrooms

Another hazard in a nursing home is the inadequacy of handrails in bathrooms. Handrails should always be placed near the toilet along with grab bars in the bathtub/shower. Bathroom injury is one of the most common causes of physical injury among the elderly.

In order to avoid it, support in the form of handrails and grab bars must be available for seniors.  Keep in mind, handrails and grab bars would need to be adjusted according to seniors’ feasibility.

5. Poorly Maintained Floor Coverings

Another safety hazard in a care home is poor carpets or flooring. The floor and carpets of an assisted living facility should be clean and neat so your loved ones stay safe. Dirty carpets can cause infections among older people while ill-maintained floors can result in a trip-and-fall situation.  

Before you choose an assisted living facility, thoroughly examine it for a possible hazard in a nursing home.

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