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Differences Between Assisted Living and Nursing Home

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Are you searching for a facility that will provide your loved one with the best care possible? The two options most people go for are assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Before choosing either one of these options, you need to assess the condition of your loved one.

Your parent’s health condition will help you determine which facility is the best for him/her.

Let’s have a look at how assisted living facilities and nursing homes differ from each other:

Level of Need

Assisted Living

  • Assistance with daily living (dressing, eating, bathing)
  • Social support
  • Mental health problems (isolation or depression)
  • Financial management (assistance with bill payments)
  • Medication management

Nursing Home

Senior citizens who are patients and require 24/7 medical care such as:

  • Daily therapy
  • Ventilator (artificial respiration)
  • IV medication

Type of Setting

Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities involve accommodation in the form of either an apartment or a home. The resident living in this place is a homeowner, who receives assistance with the following things:

  • 3 meals a day and snacks
  • Wi-Fi and cable
  • Weekly laundry and linen service
  • Daily room keeping service
  • Weekly housekeeping service
  • Daily trash removal
  • Life alert pendant that allows residents to alert the facility in case of an emergency (depending on how private and well-funded the facility is)
  • Individually controlled air conditioning and heating
  • Transportation to shopping centers and medical appointments
  • Game nights and weekly events

Nursing Home

Today, a nursing home offers almost the same facilities. However, the accommodation here is quite different. This facility has a medical setting because nurses have to be prepared for any kind of medical need. As for services such as meals in the dining room and weekly events are concerned, these are the only two things that both facilities have in common.

Length of Stay

Assisted living is for long-term care. The residents living here are the ones who can make their own decisions and decide to move to a place where they can meet like-minded people and start a new chapter in their life. A nursing home is for short-term care and most residents go back to their normal lives after a month or two.

In a way, assisted living allows senior citizens to enjoy their remaining life, whereas a person admitted in a nursing home has either experienced a sudden decline in health or has a challenging disease that can no longer be treated in a home environment.

At a nursing home, you will find that the staff is available 24/7, whereas, in assisted living, the staff can be called at the time of need. These are the differences that set assisted living facilities and nursing homes apart. So what level of care does your loved one need?

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