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Coming Home Connection has Opened Casa Cielo

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Dear Friends,

We have wonderful news: Providing a compassionate home for the dying with 24-hour caregiving has long been our dream - and now it is a reality! Coming Home Connection has opened Casa Cielo, a home for people near the end of life for whom dying at home is not an option. 

In collaboration with The Montecito senior living center, we leased and beautifully furnished a two-bedroom condominium, where we now offer the same quality of care we give CHC clients to Santa Fe residents who have only weeks to live and need help.  

In the brief few weeks since we opened, we have already served two people who peacefully passed away, looked after by CHC caregivers, hospice staff, family members and volunteers. 

We need your help as we move forward! We are in search of trained, experienced caregivers who can donate time to help our guests at Casa Cielo. We also need other volunteers who want to provide general support - perhaps a second set of hands to help the caregiver in her duties, do the dishes, organize the fridge, offer a listening ear to residents and family members, or simply just sit with residents. A commitment of a morning or afternoon a week from even a handful of people would make a huge difference. 

If you’d like to volunteer, please call our volunteer coordinator, Celia Owens, on the office number, (505) 988 2468. 

We also need your financial support. Operating costs are high, and many of our guests will not be able to contribute financially to their care. We will be seeking grants, but we will always need help from individuals who care. Please consider making a contribution today, or better yet, sign up to make a monthly donation. We should all have a safe and comfortable place in which to spend our last weeks of life; Casa Cielo is that place.

Click here to donate now.

The Santa Fe New Mexican published a story about us. 

Click here to read it.

Thank you for your support!


Frances Salles, executive director, on behalf of our board, staff, caregivers and volunteers.

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