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Why Should You Stay Active in Your Senior Years?

September 05, 2018 in: Well-being, Senior Fitness, Senior Health,

As you age, you may give up on your daily exercise routine. While high-intensity exercises can make you tired, low-impact exercises on a regular basis are good for your health. Here are a few tips to help you stay fit after retirement:

  • Try 5-minute cardio workout sessions a few days a week
  • Squats can help you build lower body strength
  • Try bicep curls
  • Practice wall push-ups
  • Strengthen lower body muscles with leg raises
  • Improve your balance with chair stands and toe stands
  • Stretch your lower and upper body
  • Practice deep breathing exercises

Staying Fit after Retirement:

Advancing age is often accompanied by health issues. If you aren’t fit and fine, your immune system won’t be able to resists diseases. You may experience hypertension, back pain, osteoporosis, and dementia. Through regular exercise, you can reduce the risk of suffering from several health problems. But before you begin following an exercise routine, discuss with your doctor whether it’s safe for you.

Here’s why seniors should develop an exercise routine:

Improve Heart Health

Heart diseases account for almost 25% of deaths every year in the US. High blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels in your body increase the risk of heart diseases. Regular exercise keeps your cholesterol levels under control and lowers blood pressure to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Keep Joints and Bones Healthy

Arthritis is quite common among seniors. It refers to a group of 200 rheumatic diseases that affect your joints. Through regular exercise, you can effectively manage arthritis. It lubricates your joints and reduces stiffness and pain.

Control Obesity

Obesity is the underlying cause of various health issues such as arthritis, hypertension and heart diseases. You can prevent or control obesity by exercising on a regular basis.

Make the Immune System Stronger

Regular exercise can improve your immune system. This way, you can recover quickly from an illness or injury. A strong body is able to fight infections and improves your overall health.

Control Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems such as depression and dementia are quite common among seniors. You can reduce the risk of developing mental illnesses through regular exercise.

Physical activity releases chemicals in your brain that positively influence your mood and boost your self-esteem. Moreover, when you join fitness classes or go to a nearby park for a walk or to exercise, you also get to meet people and make friends.

Reduce the Risk of Slips and Falls

More than one out of four seniors in the US falls every year and one out of five such cases leads to broken bones or a life-threatening head injury. Regular exercise helps you improve your balance and therefore, reduces the risk of slips and falls.

Physical activity and exercises improve the quality of life. As you reach your retirement age, you need not indulge in strenuous exercises. You can rather try moderate, low-intensity exercises to improve your health.

Montecito Santa Fe firmly believes in fitness. It is why we have an amazing workout room right here at the facility and have fitness classes every day.

Best Summer Books You Should Be Reading

July 03, 2018 in: Well-being,

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy. If you’re planning to spending summer relaxing poolside, nothing beats a great book.

1.Meghan: A Hollywood Princess

Written by best-selling author Andrew Morton, Meghan: A Hollywood Princess presents the enchanting biography of Meghan Markle and her journey towards becoming a real-life princess. It covers her childhood and how she was brought up.

That is followed by how she met with Prince Harry and ends with the immense preparation that is involved with a Royal Wedding. If Morton’s previous biography of Princess Diana was anything to go by, this one is a must read.

2.Love Rules

This one is brought to you by CCO (Chief Content Officer) at Hearst Magazines, Joanna Coles. Love Rules attempts to answer one of the most puzzling questions today. It shows how we have many options when it comes to love. It’s similar to how we’re overwhelmed at a supermarket because not everything will be right for us.

Coles gives her take on how we think about love today and follows it up with some ways that the readers can find meaningful relationships in a dizzyingly complex digital world.

3.Look Alive Out There

If you’ve read “The Clasp” from 2016, you’ll be no stranger to author Sloane Crosley. She brings her witty writing style and a hint of charm to “Look Alive Out There.” It’s a compilation of essays that you are sure to enjoy and laugh to, but don’t be weirded out when people give you a few looks.

Crosley brings her hilarious quips and one liners to this collection of essays, which some may even find relatable, as she touches upon “sensitive” topics such as her fertility, shaking hands with swingers and more. It’s sure to leave you out of breath but with hopefully with some emotional insight and impact.

4.Kintsugi Wellness: Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit (The Japanese Way)

Candice Kumai brings the art of Kintsugi and how you can apply it to healing and nourishing your body, mind and spirit. She outlines ancient techniques that will leave you with greater mental and physical wellbeing. Kumai embraced her Japanese heritage that guided her to wellness and health. At each point in her life and she’s there to share that wisdom.We must say, sheconveys it beautifully.

It also has some great Japanese-inspired recipes that will aid you in your journey to a well-nourished mind, body and spirit.

Speaking of mind, body and spirit, you should contact The Montecito in Santa Fe for the ultimate in independent and assisted living.

Seniors and Stretching: The Key to a Healthy Life

June 13, 2018 in: Well-being, Senior Fitness, Senior Health,

Immobility of muscles and joints become an ongoing health issue for seniors. With restricted body movements, it becomes really difficult to lead a healthy and happy life even if you are not suffering from any serious disease.

For all those senior individuals, stretching can help them in recovering their mobility by increasing the flexibility and by improving the blood circulation. Stretching is a simple physical activity that can be carried out without any machine and human assistance. Let’s have a look how regular routine of stretching can help seniors to maintain their physical well-being for a healthy life.

Improves the Symptom of Spinal Stenosis and Osteoarthritis  

Aging comes with some inevitable medical conditions. For instance, spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis can appear in old age. Osteoarthritis is a condition where cartilage between the joints starts to erode, resulting in chronic pain in the joints. By improving the flexibility of joints through regular stretching, you can reduce the levels of pains caused by osteoarthritis.

Spinal stenosis is a condition of nerve compression that results from the constriction of bone channel. Spinal stenosis is highlighted by mild pains, numbness in the affected area and weakness. By making stretching a part of your daily routine, you can reduce the symptoms of spinal stenosis with improved blood circulation.

Stretching can Reduce the Threat of Falling

For seniors 65 and above, falling can result in major physical injuries. They also are more likely to fall. Statistics suggest that nearly one-third of the senior population falls every year and a significant number of them end up in emergencies.

By including regular stretching exercises of the lower limbs, seniors can make themselves less prone to the risk of falling. Stretching exercises increase the flexibility of quadriceps and hamstring, which eventually improve the movement around the hip joint.

Stretching Helps in Alleviating the Side Effects of Poor Posture

At a younger age, poor posture might not cause pain in the joints and muscles. However, as we grow old, the diminishing elasticity and flexibility of tendons and ligaments make poor posture an excruciating thing. By stretching regularly, you can reduce the pain and feeling of discomfort caused by poor posture. In general, stretching exercises improve blood circulation.

Safety and Precautionary Tips for Stretching

It is important to consider some safety tips and prerequisites to make stretching exercises more effective.

Warm up: It is important to warm up your muscles and joints before stretching. A brisk walk for a couple of minutes or other light exercise can warm up your body for a stretching session.

Breath continually: Never hold your breath in the middle of a stretch.

Don’t Bend too much: Take care of your spine while stretching. Keep it straight and don’t put too much pressure on it in order to stretch further.

Your body will take time to adjust itself to stretching. So, don’t try to rush into it and be patient with results.

If you want to learn more about proper stretching and exercise technique, check out a class at our Fitness Center.

Top Golf Courses in Santa Fe

June 06, 2018 in: Well-being, Senior Fitness, Senior Health, Events/Things to do,

Golf is a good pastime for any individual, irrespective of age. But those who are retired have the advantage of being able to play whenever they want. And golf not only keeps seniors busy, it can keep them fit, too. Seniors in Santa Fe, NM have plenty of golf courses to choose from. Here are some of the best:

Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe

Though it is a public course, Marty Sanchez is one of the best in Santa Fe. Providing a spectacular panoramic view of both the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo mountains, the golf course itself is built on a picturesque high-desert landscape.

Marty Sanchez Links de Santa Fe is an 18-hole championship golf course with several additional features including an all-grass driving range, putting area and practice fairway for the beginners. The fees are also very reasonable and the staff is very friendly.

Towa Golf Resort

Located in the scenic Pojoaque (pronounced Po-Walk-Eh) Valley, Towa Golf club provides a different delight to golfers. The fairways of Towa Golf Resort are challenging enough that a rookie golfer will be sorely challenged. The resort consists of three separate 9-hole golf courses and provides exciting playing conditions all year.

Quail Run Golf Course

Quail Run Golf Course is the closest to downtown Santa Fe. It provides 9-hole par 32 fairway to all those golfers who want to play. Quail Run Golf Course has a very reasonable fee structure, too. Even if you don’t have your own golf gear, the course also has rental clubs. Quail Run Golf Course is not open for the whole year, however, you can play there from the start of summers until the end of fall.

The Club at Las Campanas

Las Campanas is just outside of Santa Fe, with spectacular views of the mountains to the east and west. The club boasts that it has one of the highest elevation fairways in the Southwest at 7,000 feet. Sunrise and sunset are among the most breathtaking in New Mexico, which is saying quite a lot.

Top 8 Ways for Seniors to Sleep Better at Night

March 09, 2018 in: Well-being, Senior Health,

Many seniors complain of not enjoying a good night’s sleep. If one thinks that after crossing 60+, they will sleep like they used to when young is delusional. As we grow older, our sleep-cycle changes. One may have noticed that upon reaching a certain phase in life, seniors begin sleeping early at nights and waking up early in the morning too.

The reasons are multiple –first, their bones are degrading which means that they get tired more frequently, second, they have gone through many hormonal changes due to the medication they are on that has pushed back their circadian clock and third, lack of activities which leaves them with not many options to pass the time.

Whichever is the cause, if sleep doesn’t come like it should or used to, here are 10 tips to help you change that. Let’s take a look below.

8 Ways for seniors to sleep better at Night

1. Set a fixed schedule

Our bodies follow orders directed by our brains. If we train the brain to sleep and wake up at a fixed time, every night, it will adapt to that change and make it a norm. Practicing this overtime, every night even when one isn’t tired to sleep or too tired to get up will establish a routine which will make sleeping easier and prevent insomnia.

2. Avoid taking afternoon naps

Napping interferes with the internal circadian clock. Afternoon naps, in particular, puts the body out of sync and make sleeping time at night very difficult.  Therefore, they must be avoided. In case, one does feel like taking a nap or too tired to go on with routine chores, the nap should be limited to 20 times maximum.

3. Limit consumption of alcohol

Alcohol before bedtime recharges the brain which makes it difficult for it to release melatonin –an essential chemical hormone that induces sleep. Thus, its consumption must be limited to 4 to 5 hours before bedtime. The same applies to caffeine since it also energizes us.

4. Limit exercise before bedtime

Performing exercises close to bedtime also puts off the internal body clock. It must be restricted to 3 to 4 hours before bedtime at most.

5. Unwind

If sleep doesn’t come naturally, seniors can also try inducing it by either taking a warm bath or engaging in activities that stimulate it. For instance, one can dim the lights in the room, read a book or listen to calming music.

6. Limit the blue light

The room designated for sleeping shouldn’t encourage the blue light from our smart gadgets research studies to reveal it halts the release of melatonin in the brain since it has a high wavelength and reaches deeper into our eyes. 

7. Invest wisely

Since the bones of seniors are more prone to sensitivity and damage, the wrong choice of mattress or pillows can also result in poor and painful sleeping. Therefore, when it comes to investing in both, be sure to purchase one that caters to your body’s needs well. Otherwise, one can expect to wake up feeling pain throughout the body especially neck and lower back.

8. Limit distractions

Distractions can also make it difficult for the brain to sense it is time to sleep. For instance, if one has the lights on or is constantly disturbed by the sound from a portable fan or dripping water from a faucet in the adjacent bathroom, it can trick the mind into thinking it is daytime and thus, the time to remain active. This will, of course, slow down the release of melatonin or even complexly stop it, making the individual waste hours before sleep final comes.

Why Moving to an Independent Living Community Makes Good Sense

February 02, 2018 in: Well-being, Santa Fe Assisted Living,

Have you ever wondered that offering seniors the benefit of independent living is like giving them wings? Just because they have aged and have certain needs does not mean you should leave them in a nursing home at the mercy of people who monitor their every move 24/7.

Independent living gives seniors the opportunity to live freely and participate in various activities, where they meet like-minded people. They make their own choices and have complete control over decisions that affect their lives.

The Philosophies of Independent Living

Every human life holds value

Whatever the impairment, everyone has the right to exert their choices

Even disabled people should be given the right to take part in the society fully

They should be given control of their lives

The three most common signs that tell you that it’s time to move into assisted living are aggression and irritability, burdensome chores and fuzzy memory. These signs indicate that you are no longer capable of living on your own and need some kind of medical assistance during the day.

So, why does it make good sense to move to an independent living facility when you retire? Following are some points that will convince you that the next choice you make will affect your basic rights:

  • You make your own decisions that affect your life
  • You are no longer put into bed by people who you don’t like
  • You can wake up and sleep at any time
  • You are no longer denied any rights
  • You can choose your own personal assistance
  • You are provided with basic services that make your life easy
  • You have a decent house, which you can decorate to your liking and call it your own
  • You are given the choice to take a decision regarding your daily life
  • You can eat whatever you like and can even get it delivered to your apartment
  • You have control over your money unless your eldest is acting as the power of attorney
  • You can hire transportation and go wherever you want. You can even hire a supervisor for your trips who will guide you on your tours
  • Your social life is much better, which gives you the opportunity to go to the movies or take a holiday with your new friends
  • You have the chance to form a relationship with someone now that you are in a gathering of people who have a similar life structure
  • You can get further education or a job within the community that is suited to your skills
  • You get back your sense of dignity and privacy

All these points paint a happy picture that a senior can associate with. Often, nursing homes take away these rights from you and confine you to a room where the only outside interaction you receive is from the person who comes to deliver your medicine and meals.

Now imagine living in a facility where you are your own boss and have the freedom to do anything you want. This is what happiness looks like when living in an assisted facility.

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