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Memory Care Info: Are Alzheimer’s and Dementia the Same Thing?

December 16, 2019 in: Memory Care (dementia/alzheimers),

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia impact nearly 1 in 9 people age 65 and over within the United States. These two conditions are often associated with mental health problems for elderly people. However, they are not mental health illnesses. So, what are Alzheimer’s disease and dementia? Are they the same thing? Keep reading to discover the answers to these very important questions.

What Do Memory Care Services Offer?

December 13, 2019 in: Memory Care (dementia/alzheimers),

For people with loved ones diagnosed with degenerative ailments such as Alzheimer's disease, memory care services, and communities offer safe and secure living environments. To cater to the unique needs of residents, caring and compassionate staff members monitor residents closely. Also, these facilities often feature activities, events, and programs designed to stimulate memory care residents to use their cognitive abilities, as well as entertain and engage them.

How to Make Memory Care and Dementia Patients Have the Highest Quality of Life

December 03, 2019 in: Memory Care (dementia/alzheimers),

Alzheimer's, dementia, and other cognitive disorders are often responsible for a massive reduction in a patient's overall quality of life. While impaired memory may be little more than a nuisance during the initial onset of dementia and similar diseases, patients may soon find themselves unable to navigate their environment safely or to complete even the most basic tasks without assistance once their condition has progressed. Having to watch a family member struggle with dementia or Alzheimer's can be heartbreaking experience but there are still ways to ensure your loved one is able to enjoy the greatest quality of life possible.

Brain Games and Activities for Memory Care

October 09, 2019 in: Memory Care (dementia/alzheimers),

It's a well-known fact that optimum health requires regular exercise, a nutritious diet, and plenty of sleep. And it's important to realize that keeping a nimble mind is just as important as our physical health. Studies have found ( that brain games and activities for memory care can prevent cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia. 

The reason brain games keep us mentally healthy is simple. Games provide mental exercises that train us how to pay attention to the things that matter and how to ignore the things that don't. In other words, they teach us to focus on problem-solving and to ignore things that don't contribute to the solution. 

What is the Late Stage of Dementia?

September 20, 2019 in: Memory Care (dementia/alzheimers),

Having a loved one with late stage Dementia can be heartbreaking. Although the illness may be terminal, individuals can live with Dementia for years. Understanding when the end stages of dementia have begun is key to providing the best care possible and giving your loved one the comfort they deserve. 

Alzheimer’s News: Depression Molecule Helps Improve Memory in Alzheimer

September 12, 2019 in: Memory Care (dementia/alzheimers),

It's always welcome news when the advancements of science yield encouraging and amazing discoveries. In this case, the information could help improve memory in Alzheimer patients, and the disease could certainly use some hopeful headlines.

The statistics paint a sobering view of the condition. For example, an estimated 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease in 2019. This includes all ages. Also, some 44 million people globally have Alzheimer's or related dementia.

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