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5 Tips on Making a Decision on Which Assisted Living Facility to Choose

June 08, 2017 in: how to choose an assisted living facility for your parent,

Choosing an assisted living facility or simply saying, an ALF for your parents is a task that should be done with a lot of diligence. Considering the importance of the task, you cannot just rely on advertisements. But even when you visit one or conduct your research, you need to know what areas of an ALF you have to look at to make a decision. Here are 5 important tips that can help you decide on an ALF.

1-See if they have the kind of care your parent needs

Know the kind of care your parent needs. Is it assisted or independent care, or do they need a nursing care? The ALF should have that facility. Some ALFs have just Nursing homes while your parent may only need independent living, which is why you have to find the right match.

You can find out if they have a house doctor. In an ideal case, they shall not only allow your parent’s doctor to visit them but also, provide transport to your parent to go see their doctor.

Ask them the minutes per day an assistant spends with a senior. Cross validate this with a few other seniors. Apart from hands on assistance, also find out how smooth is movement in emergency situations.

2-Assess the environment

Visit an ALF after hours or on a Sunday when it’s busy and see how they deliver under a pressure situation. Visit around and see the way the staff engages with seniors. Is it respectful? Are they genuinely interested in living with them?

Also, look for any strong odors around the facility. See the outdoors and find out how safe they are. Is there a walking track? How large and maintained is the garden? Visit their dining place and do not forget to taste a meal. Be sure if they can fulfill your parent’s dietary needs. Also question them on the housekeeping frequency. Ask about that with a few seniors.


The activity calendar must meet the interests of your parent. Assess on the basis of how engaging they are and how engaging your parent wants them to be. Is it according to their likes and dislikes? Make a detailed scanning of their activity calendar. Find out if they have facilities to conduct them properly.

4-Respite or Trial stay

After the above, find out about the availability of a trial stay. Know the terms and conditions and involve your parent in the decision. How much access to facilities and activities they allow. A full exposure to facilities in the trial will reveal the picture of the complete rendition. Take your parent’s feedback once the trial is over.


The best location for an ALF is a 10-15 minute drive from your work and home. It should be in a place that is accessible in this time period from both these places. That should be a great help in case of an emergency or an unscheduled visit.

The questions in these basic areas of insights shall be a great help in making your decision. The Montecito Santa Fe is recognized as the best senior community in New Mexico and promises to strive continuously to provide its residents with a home like experience.

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