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5 Activities Seniors Can Do to Stay Young and Vibrant

March 02, 2018 in: how seniors can stay young,

Just because one has a few grey hairs growing out doesn’t mean it is time to give up on all activities and lay in bed waiting for the death angel to pay a visit. Staying young and feeling happy is important at any age. When we grow older, say reach the 50-mark, we experience major changes in our lives. We quit our jobs, our kids move out and we are left in a house all by ourselves or another partner. Ten years down the road, we begin losing many of our loved ones and our bodies don’t remain the same either. All of these circumstances can lead to unhappiness and depression, as suggested by hundreds and thousands of research studies.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The only reason seniors feel this way is because of lack of activities, interests, and hobbies to fill their day. Here are some great ones seniors can adopt without investing too much of physical efforts.

1.    Gardening

Gardening is a great way to stay active on the feet as it requires devoted commitment. A garden is easy to set up and makes for a very fulfilling activity once the flowers begin to bloom and the trees become fruitful. Gardening for seniors increases their mobility and encourages their motor skills. Furthermore, it is also a very relaxing activity.

2.    Walking

Those who think exercise requires motivation can always start with a low-intensity jog or walk. It will help keep the muscle mass intact which is one of the biggest complaints in old age. Walking also offers other benefits like improved blood circulation, an improvement in sleep, enhanced cognitive abilities, increased balance and stability and stronger joints.

3.    Swimming

Swimming has a number of perks to offer to seniors. It is a low-intensity workout which is great for the joints and also for the heart. Indoor swimming serves as a great aerobic exercise to keep one physically fit. Seniors can also join group sessions which will improve their level of engagement and communication with others their age.  

4.    Learning A New Language or Instrument

Research shows that learning a new musical instrument or a language is much easier for an adult as it is for a child. Learning an instrument as an adult is easier because you have spent a major part of your life listening to some form of music, which allows one to make better sense of the tunes and concepts. The same goes for learning a new lingo. Both of these activities can be a great source of passing time and keep one distracted from depressing thoughts.

5.    Volunteer

Volunteering is another great example of how to keep engaged with others both emotionally and physically. Helping others, in itself has a warm feeling associated with it. It instills a sense of responsibility and hope in one’s life. Seniors can help volunteer at libraries, community centers, schools, and churches by offering both monetary and emotional help. This way, they will stay connected and feel important at the same time.

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