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Resistance Training Can Improve Quality of Life

August 21, 2018 in: Independent living in Santa Fe, NM,

Resistance training (also called strength training or weight training) is the use of resistance to muscular contraction to build the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles. Resistance training is important because of its role in building and maintaining muscle. It is good for metabolism, builds strength, prevents falling, prevents injury, and lifts the mood.

Different forms of resistance training can include:

  • free weights
  • weight machines
  • resistance bands
  • use of body weight

Resistance training is based on the principle that muscles of the body will work to overcome a resistance force when they are required to do so. When we do resistance training repeatedly and consistently, muscles become stronger. A well-rounded fitness program includes strength training to improve bone, joint function, bone density, muscle, tendon and ligament strength, as well as aerobic exercise to improve the heart and lung fitness, flexibility and balance exercises.

People who participate in this form of training usually have an easier time moving through activities of daily living (ADL) because their muscles move more efficiently. The Australian physical activity and sedentary behavior guidelines recommend that adults do muscle strengthening activities on at least two days each week.

Resistance can be provided simply by moving the body against gravity or by adding weighted dumbbells. You can also add resistance by using machines at the gym or by using equipment such as weighted bars, bands, or kettle bells.

Safety is key, so be sure the weight is not too heavy. Keep the weights light to moderate to avoid causing muscle rigidity. Be sure to switch up the parts of the body focused on for weight training and give the muscles time to recover (48 hours of recovery is suggested by many experts.)

Form matters! It can take a little more teaching of these exercises for some to grasp correct form and frequent checks for safety. This week, we will be sharing all the ways we incorporate resistance training into our boxing workouts. Please share your ideas for exercises and drills! We can’t wait to see what everyone has to share!

This article was written by Rock Steady Boxing. If you would like to know more or participate in one of our Fitness Center classes, give us a call today!

Why Moving to an Independent Living Community Makes Good Sense

February 02, 2018 in: Independent living in Santa Fe, NM,

Have you ever wondered that offering seniors the benefit of independent living is like giving them wings? Just because they have aged and have certain needs does not mean you should leave them in a nursing home at the mercy of people who monitor their every move 24/7.

Independent living gives seniors the opportunity to live freely and participate in various activities, where they meet like-minded people. They make their own choices and have complete control over decisions that affect their lives.

The Philosophies of Independent Living

Every human life holds value

Whatever the impairment, everyone has the right to exert their choices

Even disabled people should be given the right to take part in the society fully

They should be given control of their lives

The three most common signs that tell you that it’s time to move into assisted living are aggression and irritability, burdensome chores and fuzzy memory. These signs indicate that you are no longer capable of living on your own and need some kind of medical assistance during the day.

So, why does it make good sense to move to an independent living facility when you retire? Following are some points that will convince you that the next choice you make will affect your basic rights:

  • You make your own decisions that affect your life
  • You are no longer put into bed by people who you don’t like
  • You can wake up and sleep at any time
  • You are no longer denied any rights
  • You can choose your own personal assistance
  • You are provided with basic services that make your life easy
  • You have a decent house, which you can decorate to your liking and call it your own
  • You are given the choice to take a decision regarding your daily life
  • You can eat whatever you like and can even get it delivered to your apartment
  • You have control over your money unless your eldest is acting as the power of attorney
  • You can hire transportation and go wherever you want. You can even hire a supervisor for your trips who will guide you on your tours
  • Your social life is much better, which gives you the opportunity to go to the movies or take a holiday with your new friends
  • You have the chance to form a relationship with someone now that you are in a gathering of people who have a similar life structure
  • You can get further education or a job within the community that is suited to your skills
  • You get back your sense of dignity and privacy

All these points paint a happy picture that a senior can associate with. Often, nursing homes take away these rights from you and confine you to a room where the only outside interaction you receive is from the person who comes to deliver your medicine and meals.

Now imagine living in a facility where you are your own boss and have the freedom to do anything you want. This is what happiness looks like when living in an assisted facility.

Independent Living is Real Fun in Santa Fe, NM

May 10, 2017 in: Independent living in Santa Fe, NM,

Seniors can face tough choices when they retire. They often have to live with a reduced income and find it difficult to perform ordinary household chores that they could so easily manage just a few years ago. One of the best options available to live an active life, is to choose living in Santa Fe, NM at an independent living community such as The Montecito.

There are plenty of amazing living homes in New Mexico and selecting the right one will bring fun back to your life and safeguard you from the hazards of living alone without company. Here are the top reasons for living independently at a Seniors’ Facility:


You may be in perfect health and fully capable of living alone, but living at a facility will allow you to socialize with other people, which may be difficult in your home setting. Studies show that most psychological diseases are due to loneliness and isolation.

If you are an active senior citizen, then living in Santa Fe, NM at an independent living facility will be a great choice. You can also play your favorite sports and enjoy activities that you may fail to indulge in at your own home. You can also make several new friends, and then socialize with them while engaging in a number of amazing activities.

The Right Meals

Many people struggle to cook meals for themselves and often order from restaurants. However, you have to be careful with your diet, once you grow older. Independent living in Santa Fe, NM at a prominent center will allow you to enjoy the right meals, which are full of nutrition.

Good food and different choices ensure that you will not feel bored. You will eat in a healthy manner and ensure that you improve your longevity. Independent living at a facility will aldo allow you to feel young and independent. On the other hand, you are not expected to manage a lot of the responsibilities that you have to bear in your home.

New Friends

Many people want to make new friends, who will be able to talk to them all the time. living in Santa Fe, NM allows you to find people who have the same interests as you do. You are able to find partners for board games, and  meet people who will love to go on trips and excursions with you.

You can eradicate your loneliness in the ideal manner with this option. With friends and a social setting, independent living at a well-established facility will surely be a great option for all your social needs.


The main benefit of independent living is to live in peace. You no longer have to perform the ordinary chores, such as looking after the house and watering the plants. You have a relaxed schedule, where you do not have to worry about requiring the help of your loved ones in your home.

You will also feel content as you do not have to perform the upkeep of your house. In fact, many seniors find independent living in Santa Fe, NM so desirable that they sell out their homes and use the available money to live at a facility in a relaxed manner.

The Montecito is a great facility and allows you live independently as a senior citizen. Enjoy the wonderful facilities at this retirement community and let go of your worries!

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