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What to do When an Elderly Parent Refuses Assisted Living Services

October 16, 2017 in: What to do When an Elderly Parent Refuses Assisted Living Services,

Try to Reason with Them 

The first thing that you need to do is try to understand things from their perspective. They are aging, their body is slowing down, and they are being asked to live with new people in a new place. If the concerned person is angry or dreadful, it means that they are aware of their situation, but what they don’t understand is the way that their body is changing with time. They may also feel that their family and friends are unable to understand their physical and emotional needs. What you need to do is reassure them that they are understood and that you truly care for them. Tell them why you think assisted living services will help them out. A little empathy will do the trick. 

Be with Them

They have reached a point in their lives where they are too proud to realize and admit that they won’t be able to live on their own. The way they are acting can actually be compared to how adolescents act with their parents. Some coping mechanisms that you may see include yelling and throwing tantrums, which can be extremely stressful. Instead of forcing your parents to stop doing something, just let them do it in your presence until they realize that they need help. 

Talk about the Future with Them 

It is important to talk to them about the future health problems that they might face. You may be able to establish it through repetitive talks that their healthcare needs can only be met with the help of a healthcare expert. By talking to them, you will also be able to know why they are refusing assisted living services. Is it because they don’t have the finances? Or they are apprehensive to go live in a new place with new people. Once you figure out the problem, deal with it accordingly. 

Give Them Options 

You can give them different options of assisted living services. This will make them feel that they are in control of their life and have a say in everything. 

Get an Expert’s Advice 

You can ask an expert like a minister, psychologist, nurse, or a physician to talk to the elderly person who is refusing assisted living services. The expert will tell them the benefits they will receive and how many people have gained a lot through them. 

You Can Only Try 

At the end, consent is very important, so you can only try to make them understand. If they still refuse, maybe you can get an alternative, like a nurse who visits every day. 

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