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Alleviating Fears Associated with Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

April 03, 2017 in: Alleviating senior’s fears when moving to an assisted living facility,

Senior assisted living facilities help people maintain independence. They provide medical resources, activities and the advantages of living in their own residence. In the facility, camaraderie is also important for avoiding the loneliness that elders often feel living alone. Family members can be assured the individuals are in good care, leaving a lot of the stress they often endure during this time.

Choosing an assisted living community is difficult especially using the multitude of resources of information. There are many differing opinions leading to confusion, more questions and less trust. Featured below are the considerations people face that are often false and based on subjective opinions.

We encourage people to based decisions on facts. The following are fears people face that are simply untrue.

As Soon As You Move Into a Senior Living Facility Your Old Hobbies Go Out the Window - The fact is for almost everyone, every day who moves into an assisted living facility they end up being busier than when they lived alone by themselves. Assisted living facilities offer tons of activities such as workout classes, socials, outings and clubs of different assortments. It’s a fact that people who are involved in activities and social events have shown to be more positive, in a better happy frame of mind most of the time and quite often healthier.

Lack of hobbies: Senior living facilities provide more resources and actually expand resident’s options. When living alone people often feel trapped and become less motivated to try new activities. When living in a community people can do things together and exchange experiences appropriate for their age and health level. Studies show that social activities and events lead to positivity, happy frame of mind and therefore often quite healthier than those living alone.

Lack of help from family members: The staff at senior living facilities gives individuals the immediate help with built in resources for safety and assurance to keep safe in the event of an emergency. The risk of living alone is the lack of 24-hour care. There are built in programs that provide access to medical assistance every day and every moment.

Lack of privacy. When you live in a senior living facility privacy actually comes first. Seniors live in their own apartments/condos and have their own space as if they are in their own home. In most cases people have options of different designs and floorplans that fit their needs. They have separate entrances and locks. Each home is their own space without unneeded interruption.


Moving means life changes for the worse. While it is certainly a change that comes with taking this step in life, in most cases, it is for the better. The camaraderie at senior living facilities, such as the assisted living facility The Montecito in Santa Fe, NM, allows people meet others in similar situations who can mutually support the fears that come with aging. This comes with a positive quality of life with immediate medical care if needed.

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