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Why Assisted Living Exercise Programs Are So Important

September 07, 2017 in: Why Assisted Living Exercise Programs Are So Important,

With increasing age, people tend to lose interest in physical exercises. They either do not have any motivation to exercise or consider themselves too weak to engage in such activities. However, they do not need to follow a tough exercise routine similar to their youth. Instead, they can depend on a walk or do yoga and other exercises to stay fit and healthy. Assisted living facilities plan a routine for elders to keep them engaged in physical activities.

Exercise Programs:

Assisted living facilities plan and arrange attractive exercise plans for residents. They consider age, health, and lifestyle of people to propose plans that are suitable for them. These exercises help in improving their physical and mental health. They also allow old people to interact with each other and come out of loneliness. Unlike home care, people living in assisted living facilities are more likely to indulge in physical activities.

Although people living in assisted facilities may have different health issues, the major old age issues are similar. They usually suffer from depression, dementia, and weakness. Therefore, the exercise plans ensure that they do not find them too difficult. Moreover, they are free to choose any routine. It gives them the opportunity to stay healthy on their own terms.

Benefits of Exercises:

- Prevention of Diseases

Physical movement helps old people to stay safe from different diseases. They are less likely to fall victim to many age-specific health issues. It even decreases the risk of certain chronic diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, heart diseases and osteoporosis. Moreover, engaging in exercise programs by assisted living facilities improve the immune system. Regular exercise significantly decreases the healing time of wounds. Moreover, old people often have to take in many different medicines for their physical and mental illness. The lesser they fall ill, the fewer prescriptions they will need.

-Healthy Lifestyle:

Incorporating physical exercises in daily routine is an efficient way of living a healthy life. It saves old people from frequently getting ill. They find friends in assisted living facilities and can interact with them to fight loneliness. It keeps them away from negative thoughts. They are more motivated to indulge in programs offered by the facility and try to make good use of their free time. It also helps them stick to a healthy routine.

-Improved Balance:

A majority of injuries in old age occur due to trips, slips, and falls. Regular exercise helps in improving physical balance. Their posture becomes steadier and they are less likely to break any bones due to fall. Healing takes more time in old age. Therefore, a routine exercise plan can decrease the risk of such injuries.

-Mental Health:

Aside from physical health, old people usually suffer from mental health issues. Living near other people of same age group allows them to overcome depression and loneliness. They can make friends and socialize without compromising on their independence. Assisted living facilities ensure the safety of people and keep them away from fears and depression.

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