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Services Offered in an Assisted Living Facility

August 09, 2017 in: Services Offered in an Assisted Living Facility,

Back in the 1980s, there was no concept of a senior living community offering an assisted living center. But with time, people realized the importance and need of such facilities. Today,  there are numerous assisted living facilities, in almost every other city.

These facilities help elderly people live comfortable lives. Complete personal care, different engaging activities and meal preparation are some of the main aspects of an assisted living facility.

If you are searching for a good assisted living facility or if you are stuck in the dilemma of whether to move to an assisted living facility or not, here is a list of offered services that will help you reach your decision:

Lodging facility:

Depending on the location and cost of the living facility, the provided lodging facilities can range from average to exceptional. Some assisted living facilities might have more than one floor thus there might be rooms above stairs for healthier residents.

Personal Care:

This is the major reason why people choose to move to assisted living centers. Complete personal care -- from help in changing clothes to eating meals and moving around the facility -- is provided in most all assisted living facilities.

Provided meals:

Meals are prepared in accordance with a healthier lifestyle and balanced diet. In almost every assisted living facility, there is a dining area where people gather to have their meals. Some also provide the facility to cook meals at times other than their pre-set times.

Wellness programs:

Exercises, yoga, jogging and other activities are carried out to enhance the physical health of the residents. Some assisted living centers have a jogging track within the facility that adds the benefit of a healthier lifestyle.

Transportation facilities:

Many people that move to an assisted living facility have trouble getting around the town. Therefore, transportation facility is also another basic service provided in assisted living centers. Whether an individual has to visit a doctor for an appointment or wants to go to a general store, transportation facility is provided to all people. 

Recreational activities:

Life can become dull without recreational activities, especially for the elderly who already have to fight depression and loneliness that come with old age. Assisted living facilities hold recreational activities to help residents socialize, and to provide them with enjoyment and entertainment opportunities.

Medical care:

Some facilities provide advanced medical care and have a well-trained nurse in their staff. But even if there is no highly trained staff in the facility, employees usually have knowledge about all basic medications and healthcare like using an injection.

Health monitoring services:

Individual health monitoring service through electronic health monitoring equipment is available at many assisted living facilities. Keeping a check on weight, diet, blood pressure, allergies and other medical conditions are provided at the facilities.

Case management facilities:

If a person has a disease or a medical condition, some assisted living facilities provide special case management services for such individuals. When this is the case, complete medical care like infusion therapies, diabetic care, wound care, dressing change, lab draws/injections, tube feeding, orthopedic and pulmonary care are provided.

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The Services Offered by an Assisted Living Facility

July 28, 2017 in: Services Offered in an Assisted Living Facility,

Assisted living facilities have opened up in every state and are running smoothly, due to one particular reason: They attract residents and offer great services. Assisted living facilities help people live a contented life in the latter stages of their life. But make sure you do not confuse assisted living center with a nursing home because a nursing home is more medically extensive while assisted living facilities only provide a basic medication routine. What makes an assisted living facility better than individual living is the range of services offered.

Although the services offered by assisted living centers will differ from place to place, but generally the services that are offered by them are as under:

Help in daily life:

The personal care staff assists residents with all personal needs like eating, changing clothes, bathing and even walking. Some other services are as under

  • Lodging facilities are given to all residents
  • Food service. Preparation of meals for the residents
  • Cleaning staff manages all the cleaning chores
  • Transportation facilities are available
  • Recreational activities are carried out
  • Socialization with other members is improved by various social activities
  • Exercises are maintained with the guide of an instructor
  • Security is provided
  • Spiritual programs are held
  • Supervision is maintained for all activities

Individual treatment:

  • Work-out programs are provided for enhancing muscle movement, function and coordination  
  • Nurses give you training for movement and mobility, positioning and posture
  • Pain management is also provided to residents

Specific case management:

You will not have to extensively care about the daily health changes in your body because assisted living facilities also provide specific and personalized personnel management plans. For example,

  • Special attention is given if you have any infections
  • Weight changes are tracked
  • Any medication changes needed, are provided
  • Doctor visits are maintained
  • If there are some specific behavioral changes they are also noted and dealt with accordingly
  • Daily living activities are regulated
  • Chances for enhanced social engagements
  • Healthcare devices are kept which notify the staff about any emergency medical requirement

By observing all the offered services, one can easily reach to the conclusion that living at assisted care facility has various advantages on living an individual life. Thus, if you are thinking whether you should move to an assisted living facility or not, it will certainly be a good idea to do so!

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