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A Guide to Choosing An Assisted Living Facility

August 23, 2017 in: A Guide to Choosing An Assisted Living Facility,

Looking around for an assisted living facility for your loved one? The seniors of today prefer leading active and balanced lives, which means you must find them a facility that ensures them freedom as well as care.

Assisted living facilities follow different care philosophies, and offer a wide range of services. They vary in size and number of residents housing anywhere from a few residents to thousands.

Accommodation is either in the form of small apartments or private rooms. The selection process can be confusing, considering the many choices that are available. Here are some tips that can help you make an informed decision, and select the best assisted living facility.

Determine the care level required by your loved one.

Generally, the facilities offer three distinguishing care levels: skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living. Skilled nursing is suitable for seniors who want assistance round the clock. Generally, such a center provides separate rooms, which may often have to be shared with a roommate.

Assisted living is for seniors who can perform several activities and only need help with things such as bathing and cooking. A private room or apartment is provided, but the staff checks up on the residents daily. Meals are generally served three times.

The third category, independent living, allows residents to do most of the work themselves; help is only provided with cooking, cleaning and other similar activities. Residents may be given their own condos or apartments.

Visit the facility before finalizing.

When you have gathered all the information available about the facilities, start visiting them one by one. Engage with the staff, talk to the residents and take their opinion. Notice the surroundings and ensure the area is clean and well maintained. Also, ask about housekeeping frequency, laundry procedures and a complete list of all services which are covered in the monthly costs.

Check if the facility can provide the sort of rooms you want and if they are single or shared.  Also see if there is ample space for recreational activities such as gardening, outdoor games, and other hobbies.

Try to have a meal at the facility.

During your visit, go to the dining rooms and kitchens as well, and ensure the areas are hygienic. See if you can eat some meals to get an idea of the taste. Discuss dining hours and the available food choices.

Ask security and safety related questions

Security and safety are important consideration factors.  Verify that the facility under consideration follows a defined set of rules. Make sure industrial regulations are followed, and state licenses have been acquired. Also, check the online rating of facilities.

Notice the bathrooms; they should be accessible and should have handrails and grab bars for ease. Ask about other safety features as well, and if the nurses are registered.

Consider the costs.

Get quotes from the facilities and compare them to get an idea about the cost.

Find the moving out criteria

Moving out isn’t preferred, but may be required at times. So remember to ask about the procedure and if any notice periods would have to be served. Generally, a notice period of 30 days is required.

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