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Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Is Important

August 19, 2019 in: Memory Care (dementia/alzheimers),

Alzheimer's and dementia have become more prevalent as the baby boomers reach old age. Despite this, the majority of people are unprepared for a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimers. 

Similar to many other diseases, medical professionals advocate for early detection to minimize the effects.

This list consists of the things a patient will need to look after before the condition progresses. However, many people may not realize what's involved in the early stages of the disease. 

Early Signs of Alzheimer's

1. First on our early signs of dementia checklist is memory difficulties. While everybody forgets things occasionally, this can be a warning sign should forgetfulness become an issue. For example, this could include not remembering the day of the week regularly, which is one of the earliest signs of the disease.

2. You should also be on the lookout for signs of confusion. While some of this will be caused by misremembering things, disorientation can play a large role. This is especially true when away from home, regardless of whether they're in an area that they're familiar with. 

3. Personality change is another sign and is often one of the more notable factors. This is especially true with people who previously had a warm personality. In many cases, they can seem much more frustrated and irritated, with this becoming increasingly more common as time goes on.

4. People with Alzheimer's can experience rapid mood swings and become less inhibited as the disease progresses. This could mean that they become more aggressive.

5. Once a patient begins realizing that they're suffering from the condition, they may then become depressed and more withdrawn. There are several ways that this can be seen, such as a reduced interest in the hobbies they used to enjoy. This is especially true if it involves being away from home for a large period, as they may often be wary of becoming disoriented outside their house.

6. The dementia checklist also includes difficulty with common household tasks, as a person's spatial awareness becomes hampered. Abstract thinking skills can also be reduced, as brain cells are beginning to die off. These mean that patients may often have more difficulty with money and driving.

7. Another area of the brain that's typically affected during this time is its language center. This means that patients can often have difficulty communicating. A phrase that's been used commonly among medical practitioners is 'word soup,' which refers to a string of seemingly unrelated words.

8. Last among these is poor judgment skills, which can become increasingly evident over time. This is perhaps more commonly seen in those who have usually been known for their decision-making abilities. Not only can many patients make progressively worse choices, but the process can often take much longer than usual. 

Why It's Important To Get An Early Diagnosis

You shouldn't wait until a loved one shows all of the early signs of dementia. Instead, if they're affected by a number of symptoms, then bring them to an appropriate medical professional as early as possible.

It is vital to get an early diagnosis of the disease to minimize the impact of the condition.

Medications Can Often Be More Effective

Several studies have noted that treatment can be much more effective in the early stages of Alzheimer's. This means that when diagnosed early, the condition can be managed much better than if it's progressed beyond a certain point.

The primary reason behind this is that the majority of drugs for the illness focus on maintaining a person's current health. As a result, they work as a way to stop it from progressing. Unfortunately, this means that they may not be able to undo the effects that a patient is already struggling with.

While many patients will show improvement once they're on medication, they may not improve to the point that they were before the disease's onset. It should also be noted that many of these medications can become less effective over time.

However, it should be noted that drugs will delay the development of the condition. This can often be for several years, which brings several benefits alongside it. 

Provides Time To Record Memories

As Alzheimer's destroys a patient's memories, many people would prefer to go about recording them. This is something that becomes less and less practical as the condition develops. As a result, the majority of those with the disease would prefer to start this early.

There are several ways that this could be done, such as poetry, letters, and even recording a video. This process can often bring several long-term benefits. Chief among these is the fact that it can help trigger happy memories once the disease has progressed far.

These can then provide the basis of conversations with family members, caregivers, and others. This is also beneficial for family, as it means that they'll be able to speak with their loved one about happier times. It can also mean that memories that a loved one wants to be passed on will be.

Many people would also want to know their loved one's life story. This is one of the core benefits with this, as it allows them to tell it in their own words. 

Plan For The Future

Suffering from Alzheimer's means that a patient may need a significant amount of long-term care. This may be something that many people will want to be a part of, which may not be possible once the condition has progressed beyond a certain point. Early detection means that they'll be able to do so.

There are also several financial implications associated with this. Many people may not have updated, or even created, their will, which is something that they should want to take care of. Alongside this is what's known as a living will, which dictates how they want to be taken care of overtime.

Naturally, this might be impossible to do after a certain period. Getting an early diagnosis means that a loved one will be able to choose how they're taken care of and arrange for the future. Everybody will want to ensure that their loved one is treated in the way that they'd want. Having them involved in the process is the easiest, and best, way of doing so. 

These mean that it can be vital to know what's included in the early signs of dementia checklist. By being informed, you can ensure that you or a loved one's life is as normal as possible in the following years or decades. This can be a large part of ensuring that the disease has a minimal impact on a person's life.

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